November Meeting Minutes (not yet approved)

Tri-City ARA
Meeting Minutes November 21, 2011

Attendees:  S. VanHerpen KE7GRL, Terri VanHerpen KE7HMW, Gene Melton AK9N, Carol Melton AK7N, Robert Marshall W7GFD, Arnold Knack KA7AOK,George Chaet W1RGH, Carla Chaet N7OPU, Damon Blades N0LMZ, Robert  Lyman KI6FT, Richard Garlick KB8ZDR, , Ron Lundeen K0KWN,  Guy Hoidahl N9RVA, Bob Sheets KI0LA, Steve Palmer, Bruce Solly N7BBB, John Merrill N1JM,Chris Johnson K6OZY

Meeting called to order by  President S. VanHerpen at 7:32 PM.

September minutes read by  Arnold Knack and approved as read.
Treasurer Arnold Knack reported checking balance of $250.23 and savings of $894.18 for a total of $1,144.41. He reported  potential outstanding liabilities of  $150.00 for the upcoming Christmas Party.

Ron K0KWN agreed to be the net control for the next month.

Bob W7GFD and Steve KE7GRL gave  reports on the flood and disaster drills held onNovember 4th. Steve, Bob, Damon NOLMZ, Guy N9RVA, and Arnold KA7AOK participated. The Palo Verde Siren Test on November 9 was also discussed.

The Club will hold a Christmas Partyat Steve and Terri’s home on Sunday, December 11 starting at 3PM. It was also agreed that the Club would spend $50 towards a (free) raffle present and $100 for meats and beverages. Members should bring potluck breads, veggies and desserts.

A motion not to hold a Club meeting in December was approved 16 to 2.

Damon announced that he would be holding a solder party at 10 AM on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, starting in December at his home.

Motion to adjourn was approved 16 to 1 at 7:55 PM.

Arnold Knack


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